Need help from an expert

Hi Guys

Ive got a newbie question that i cant seem to find the answer to.

I just got a WD Live Hub and have used THUMBGEN to create some great looking movie sheets to all my movies. (on a 1TB HDD)

My problem is that i cant see the movie sheets through the Live Hub Player.

Do i have to update the firmware (standard WD upgrade?) or use someones customised menu (if so please attatch a download link)

Just wanting to see movie sheets on my player to choose which movie to watch.

Thanks so much (in advance)

The Default WD theme does not support movie sheets you will have to download a Theme thats supports them in the theme section of this forum

Thankyou very much for the reply.

Do all themes support the Thumbgen movie sheets or do i have to find something specific?

Thanks again

You need Thumbgen (TG) templates for the theme you choose to use. Usually the person that wrote the theme (Themer) will provide a seperate .zip file containing the TG templates for his theme. Also remember some of the themes won’t work PROPERLY with FW 3.01.19 but will work with a little tweaking here and there. There are issues with the PROPER display of .png pictures. There is info about all this on the forum in the WD-TV-Live-Hub-Themes portion of this forum. The search box is your best friend.

This thread might help get you started or make you just want to give up :slight_smile:

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