Need help for video streamin

please support.

there are any issues regarding connections between DLNA certified units in the home network ?

video streaming (mp4 Files) from my  mybookliveduo does not start. Message: check network.

But network is fine. viewing pictures and playing mp3 files is working proberly. also access to the public folder is fine.

any ideas ?

If you can play other files then is not a problem with DLNA

please provide more info as :

What type of device?

Media info, etc

Check what files your renderer supports. That is if you are using a Smart TV, verify that the TV supports mp4. You should be able to find this information in the renderer’s manual under specifications.

hi Wizer.

the divice it’s an panasonic, DMR-BST700.

It is connected to a lokal switched 10/100 ethernet, like my desktop and the mybookliveduo as well.


the access via my DMR to my desktop works - video stream starts 

the access via my DMR to mybookliveduo - video stream does’nt start (message:check network)

the same file!


from my desktop the file will provided to the DMR and shown on TV

from mybookliveduo not