Need Help - EX4 file search slow/not working for OS X and iOS devices

I am having trouble searching for files on our EX4 at the office.  We have a 12TB version setup as two separate volumes in RAID SAFE mode.  So we have a total of 6TB of mirrored space (on two 3TB volumes) where we keep an enormous number of files and folders.

We are able to successfully browse, transfer, read, write files via our ethernet network with Macintosh computers running Yosemite.  We use the command-K function and login to the drive.  Transfer speeds are acceptable, everything is working fine.

The ONLY killer is that we can’t seem to search for files on the EX4 at all.  When browsing through the finder of a Mac, we are able to look inside the various folders by double clicking, manually browsing, etc.  However, when we type a search string in the search area of a window in the mac finder, we get endless searching, but no results.  The same thing happens with the My Cloud app for the iPad.  When logging in remotely, we are able to find all the files by browsing through the folders in the volumes.  But as soon as we type a search string in the app, we get the “spinning cloud” icon but no results, even though we know the file is there, just a folder or two deeper.

Has anyone else had trouble/success with searching for files on the EX4?  Is it better with Windows?  Is there a 3rd party app for the OSX or iOS that does a better job of searching?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

When you are not able to do the search on finder, is it also remotely or locally? 

Searching does not work locally with the OS X finder. It also does not work remotely when using the WD app for OS X.

I’m not sure about hte iOS WD app I’ll check mine.  

But as a Mac user I’d suspect that share is not being auto mounted and indexed by spotlight’s process.

Check that spotlight is set to index it

Thanks -I saw the link you provided about auto mounting the nas drives. Does that help with spotlight indexing?