Need hard drive screws

Purchased a VelociRaptor [OEM] and none of the screws I have to secure it will fit. I purchased two sets of screws, one from and another from and both sets do not fit!! Is there a specific size I need??? THANKS FOR ANY FEEDBACK!!!

Were you able to find the screws that fit?  If you did, where?

Amazon has two different types available but not sure if they are the right/correct size…they are both 1/4 in length but not too sure if it is short enough since the hard drive needs a very short [in length] screw. I do have screws from other [older] hard drives but they do not fit…they are too long…I called WD and asked what size screws the drive required and the rep did not know…duh!! Will call sometime tomorrow [2/14/10] and see if I can get a rep that knows their product line…will keep you posted!!!

does this hard drive use special screws? normal case screws do not work for you?

can you try pulling out a screw (holding in the power supply or an add on card) and see if that works?

There are only really two types of screws used in PCs and it has been that way for years. Once is  a small width one for CDroms/floppy drives and the other is a larger width screw, usually with a hex head and philips centre. This would be on the back of the case, holding all hard drives in, holding the motherboard in and the add on cards.

You dont need any special scrws that you would have to order (lol). just go down to any computer shop and they should have a coffee can full of screws to give you for free.