Need Guidance For Second HDD usage, which keeps rejecting by NAS EX2

I have 1TB WD Drive, configured and running since few weeks.

Later I tried to insert 320GB WD Blue Drive inside NAS, it undergoes checking and NAS concludes that it cannot be used - showing BAD Status.

I connected WD 320 to my desktop, formatted it to NTFS and ran Crystal Disk Info, it shows pending sector.

But HDD works fine on desktop, installed heavy steam games on it and works fine.

So NAS is rejecting the drive due to pending sector? Or I am missing something.

Looking forward from community to guide me further.

It might be rejected because it’s so small. The smallest drives ever released in the EX2 were 2TB, IIRC. So the software running on the EX2 may not be able to deal with a 320GB drive.

Plus, on the list of “compatible” drives, the smallest listed there is 1TB.

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Although Green is not compatible, it’s been accepted.
But size should be limiting factor as you mentioned.
Thanks for solving it out.