Need good help :( lol

my 1TB hard drive is not being picked up on the network it is all plugged in and still nothing

also on the installing disc were icons should say “ok” Cancel" ect there is no font atall in the boxes

hope someone can help me with this head wrecking issue Thank you

Can you post some more information than “it’s not working” ?

Are you running windows? Which version?

Which software has no font on its buttons ?

If you have connected the drive on the network using a router, I would reccomend you to go to your router webpage ( usually and see list of devices connected under STATUS / WAN. You can see the IP address of all the devices connected to your network there.

Find the IP address of the WD drive, type that IP Address in your browser. It will take you to the login page of the WD drive. type in admin / admin as login and password.