Need for warning on size of deleted items bucket

I was asked by WD support to add this request for development because I ended up with a new PC (mine died!) where after reinstallation of my WD MyCloud I ended up with 50GB folder taken by WD in the root of my C-drive WITHOUT ANY WARNING!!!
The folder populated over the first 3 days on my new pc consisted of thousands of files which apparently (WD analysis) contained my DELETED WD MyCloud files which were recovered to my new C-drive from MyCloud…WOW!
I fully accept the security backup transitioning to a new PC but hogging 50GB of a new PC root drive without warning is absurd especially when new pc’s have ssds (solid state disks - rarely partitioned).
SUGGESTION FOR WD Development: please add a periodic warning as to the size being used to hold deleted files and suggest the user reviews the items are still necessary. Note other cloud based systems warn users that they clear deleted items that have been in deleted bucket for x number of weeks.