Need ETA for when problem of photo file renaming will be fixed!

At issue is the fact that WD My Cloud App for ipad (and probably apps for other devices) changes the names of my photos when i copy/move them to the WD Cloud device using WD My cloud. the problem also exists using the WD Photos app. I have seen other users’ comments throughout the community that this is also occurring with any WD application that transfers photos to the WD cloud devices.

I need to know how to find out when this problem is going to be fixed. I tried to open a “case” for this issue but I was unable to do so because the application is not listed on the form.

Any ides on how to open a case would be appreciated, I think we may have a better chance of getting the fix in the Q. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

If i cannot resolve this issue, i need to start looking for a different solution for my photo backups because this problem is a deal breaker. Did i also mention the date is changed too, when you copy the file to the cloud server? Yep, new name, new date. how can we manage thousands of photos with this limitation? Seems such an easy fix.

So PLEASE, WD, provide an estimate on when this will be fixed.

Here is where you can make a support case:

Just pick MyCloud if they don’t have the specific app there. State the problem in detail.