Need Drivers for Legacy My Book

My apologies for the Category not being exactly correct. I have a legacy My Book external 1tb hard drive that my Windows 10 laptop will not recognize. It shows up in Device Manager as 'SYMWAVE WDC WD10EAVS-32D SCSI Disk Device but does not show up in Windows Explorer.

Are there drivers available for the Windows 10 OS?

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There’s no driver needed for that drive.

What does Disk Manager say about the drive?

You have to format it (if its new)

It’s not a new drive – it’s probably 5-10 years old and was working as of a year ago.



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I have the same problem, and yes, we do need new driver, new firmware. When I connect with Windows 10 I get an error. My white WD My Book World Edition works fine with my Windows 7 machine. It used to work just fine with my Windows 10 machine.

The windows 10 error points me eventually to the problem, SMB v1. The Windows 10 error says to go to

That takes me to a kb article. SMB v1 has been declared not secure. Use SMB v2. All versions of Windows 10 1709 and later will not use SMB v1. So we need a new firmware for our WDMBWE.

Western Digital support?

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A search on this community shows me this:

But the link given in that announcement is broken. Go ahead, click on it. Firefox gives me a “runtime error”.

My white WD MBWE is running firmware 01.02.14
When I log onto my WD MBWE and go to Advanced mode, and check for new firmware, it tells me there is no newer firmware.

The above announcement says a version 1.01.16 exists. How do I get it? Does it support SMB v2?

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@russallen, you’re talking about NAS products. The OP is talking about an ordinary USB hard drive.

Firefox isn’t doing that. The Webserver is.

The invalid link you’re referencing was posted about 10 years ago.

You can find firmware for the legacy (unsupported) products here: