Need Drive Information

Hello, I have a question about Western Digital drives and need best choice. First i need several drives for my pc that runs like 18hours a day but funds are tight. Which drive type would be best for limited funds WD Red or WD Green drives or Wd Purple? The drives are for extra storage and installing some programs on. I would go with WD black drives but cost is a little high for me which is why I ask as the others are much cheaper. Next question is can the different drive types be used together on same system or could there be a conflict? My system is new and has not arrived yet but it is running windows 8.1 if that matters. Thanks in advance Drauka

I think the NAS drives would be the sweet spot
So 1 vote for red

Hello David, Thanks for the quick reply to my question, I really appreciate it. I will get the NAS drives then as my system does run a long time each day. Thanks again. Drauka