Need data recovery using Linux or Windows

My My Cloud Home drive stopped working and the WD support asked to send it in for replacement after I do data recovery, since it was covered under warranty.

I took apart the enclosure and connected the bare drive to a PC running Win 7. I could not read the drive using Ext2fs, Ext2Fsd and other popular utilities. I used the Windows Disk Management tool to check on the drive and may have initialized the drive but did not format it. The DiskInternals Linux Reader utility shows the hard drive but not able to assign the drive letter.

Once assembled back the drive is still offline when looked for from or the WD Discovery software on the desktop.

Is there any drive recovery utility I can use to recover the data from my drive? I can use Windows-based software or if needed run Ubuntu on a PC and recover using any Linux utilities as long as the instructions are available.



Hi Neel,

You can contact WD For data recovery as they have their data recovery partners. You can refer to the link provided below for further information.

If the drive cannot be recognized be any computer, then recovery software will not be able to scan it.
If it is, however, recognized in Windows, try FILERECOVERY and have it scan the drive.
This assumes that the drive will actually spin.
If it does not, then consider sending it to a recovery company for