Need chapter choice for dvd files to watch series

Hello  maybe does anybody know of any change  of any info about  update for  supporting chapters or menu’s for DVD / blue ray files . I have bought the media live player , but I can’t select episodes on the DVD from my favorite series, otherwise I will bring back the unit and look for one who does support this.

anybody has a solution for this

Chapters are only shown at mkv files

Just use makemkv, do get chapters.

No new videoencoding, very fast.

Or demux with PcgDemux and put in chapters with MkvMerge

What happens with the subtitles when using makemkv?

It is a nice tool to split all chapters but i do not see any subtitles?

It is better to use DVDFab. Then you can split up all chapters  dvd to seperate dvd folders.

But I think the WD Live should have a dvd menu like the AC Ryan and the ICIDU. I will probably return the WD because of the abcense of the dvd menu…

Aehm… How do you split up a DVD with each chapter in its own folder, using DVDFab? I can’t find this function in the program…

I’m using HandBrake to do this.   Works quite nicely.  

Load up the DVD, open it with Handbrake, select each title (which is how TV DVDs are usually organized), give the output file a name, and add it to the queue.   

Each DVD I’m working on now has 4x 43 minute episodes, each one goes to its own MKV file with Chapters as the were in the DVD.  

Once I’m done queuing up about 2-3 DVDs worth, I hit GO, and it runs all night making 8-12 MKV files.