Need advise to buy a NAS

Hi all,

I am thinking about to buy a NAS. My main use is to store photos, music and movies to share within the house. Among those WD NAS model, which one will you recommend? Is all of the WD NAS DLNA Certified ? Does any of them support Remote Access to Files feature? How about wi-fi feature? Also, which one is the best file transfer speed? Thanks in advance.


All WD NAS drives are DLNA compliant and support remote access using FTP and the Mionet service, they DON’T have integrated Wi-Fi but they can work wirelessly (In relation to other devices on the network) if connected to a wireless router. The MyBook Live is the fastest WD NAS.

Hi ThePizzaMatrix.

Thank you for replying. Do they need a USB wireless card in order to connecct  to a wireless router? I did some research for the MyBook Live and found out its MioNet remote access solution is nearly useless. And it lacks of many other common features. I think I will need do more research. Thanks and have a good night.

Nope, you just need to connect the drive directly to the router using a regular Ethernet cable. On Mionet, that’s not the only way to do remote access, it allows FTP, which is more important and better than Mionet.