Need advice

I am considering purchasing the WDBZVM0040JWT-NESN. I have 3 PCs that will be using it. I’m not going to use it for backups. I will use it for storage only. I want to save files to it so all PCs will have access to the files from all users. In other words each user will save files to it within folders created on the unit. I also want to use the Raid function to have each drive contain the same thing, so when one drive fails I won’t loose documents.

I have never done this before and was wondering how difficult it is. Also will require me to download the software and configure it. I briefly looked in the manual, which is approx. 160 pages. Is what I’m asking an easy task for a non techie to set up? Any help on this will be appreciated.

It isn’t difficult (usually), and the device should fit your needs.

It ships with 2x2TB drives, which are by default set up in RAID 1 configuration (they mirror each others content). So you will only see the capacity of the device as 2TB, but each drive will hold the same content so if one dies then the other will still contain all of your files.

In terms of software, it does come with various items like Smartware Pro (back-up software) and Quickview (a little system tray icon which allows quick access to various things like the current free space, a link to the dashboard for altering settings and for mapping drives). But for what you want to do, you don’t actually need any of them (although Quickview could be handy).

All you will do is plug the device into your network (via an ethernet cable, usually into your router) and it will then be visible like another computer on your network. Via the dashboard you can then set up users and shares (basically folders - they work in the same way as shared folders on any of your computers) which can either be public (anyone on the network can access) or access can be done per user (read, read/write or no access). The set-up is fully detailed in the manual you mention, and isn’t especially difficult as it’s done via the device dashboard (basically a web-based interface, you’ll see images of it in the manual). And if you get stuck, there are plenty of users here (including me) who can answer questions or help you along.

Thanks for the information. I plan on purchasing it. Saw good reviews on it.