Need a new logic board. Help please

I accidentally plugged a floppy cable connector 4 pin x 2 on my wd3200 HD (on the jumper slot) and now I think i fried the logic board. It doesn’t smell like burned but my HD doesn’t work anymore,I need a logic board for the hard drive listed below:

WD P/N: WD3200JS-60PDB0

WD Caviar SE

mnf date: 24 feb 2006


300 GB

I really need the inside data. Any solution will be thank.

Can you upload a detailed photo to a file sharing service?

311i635614D1F2E6FE31 307i5886E56889BBC309 309i0017C3E8E3E6147A

looks like it is burned after all. this is my fried logic board. Does my HD have chances?

I can’t see your photos. Maybe they are awaiting approval.

that can take some time.

I uploaded them in these URLs:

if you need more photos, please let me know

Those jumper pins connect to the Marvell MCU’s I/O ports. This explains the burn mark on the MCU. When swapping the PCB, you will probably need to transplant the 8-pin serial EEPROM chip at U12 from patient to donor. This chip stores unique drive specific calibration data. Unfortunately this chip is powered from the same Vio voltage that supplies the jumper pins. Hopefully the EEPROM survived, otherwise data recovery may be difficult.

Good luck.

then you say that I must get another logic board to do the transplant?
If I need another logic board do you know where can I get it?


There are companies who specialise in this sort of work. As Frank said above, it’s not just a case of soldering a matching logic board in. Each board has been calibrated at the factory for the specific individual drive unit. This is stored in the EEPROM.

Unless you consider yourself highly competent in micro electronics and tiny soldering, you’d be better in my opinion to ship it to one of these companies. I know there’s a reputable firm in Germany who operate a no-data-retrieval-no-pay service.

Good luck!