Need a new hard drive, this seemed like the place to ask

Long story short. Used to be a big Seagate buyer, than the Samsung F3 came out, I bought 4, replaced 2, third just died, can  no longer get a hold of samsung rma department, I’ve determined they can go to that special warm fiery place.

My problem…

I can’t find a good replacement drive.

I originally looked at getting a pair of WDC Blacks, but then I realized… I can’t RAID them without the TLER thing dropping a drive out of the array, which means I have to pay extra for a RE4 drive… I want a decent drive, but I want t show my wallet some love too. I looked at my old standby Seagate, and again… I can’t find anything. The 7200.12 is a bandaided 7200.11 that has slow access times, and is getting longer in the tooth day by day. the LP (I already have one), is a great drive, but slow. and the XT is ungodly expensive for my needs. I’d be pleased with a 1TB version, I don’t need all 2TB.  So I’m not sure what that leaves for me… except 2 refurbished samsungs, and a dead one…

Anybody have any guidance for me? Apparently I’m more out of the loop than I thought I was. I’ll gladly trade for any CPU related help (I’m a long-time member of the AMD support forums)

Just frustrated.

What I’m really trying to accomplish, and this is a similar setup to what I have now. 2 1TB drives, in RAID0, Short Stroked to 30% capacity. My F3’s gave me unbelivable performance doing this. I actually got a 6.0 on WEI for a mechanical drive… which I thought it weasn’t supposed to do… but whatever. haha. The real numbers came from HDtune. I lost my screens in the drives death, but It was hauling down 290-300Mb/sec, at 10.8ms. But I sacrificed a **bleep** of a lot of reliability for that.

Sooo… what can I get, for less than $200 (for a pair), with close-to numbers? WDC or even Seagate, if board rules permit.

Hi there, you can get the 2 RE3 drives (Not the RE4) from Amazon for around that budget.

Hope it helps!