Need A Longer Cable

Hi all

Ive just purchased a passport 500mb drive (WDBACY5000ASL-EESN), and as usual when you buy an external bit of hardware for the pc the cable is hopelessly to short.  Since my usb 3 slots are at the back of the pc the lead is so short i have to leave my drive round the back which is really annoying, as when i want to remove it, i have to pull out my pc to get to it.

Are there any longer leads that i can buy if so does anyone know the part number or have a link to one.  I think the lead is 18 inches, i prefer one around a metre in length.  I find it quite annoying that these items are always released with hopelessly short cables, i mean i would rather pay another £5 or so on a product rather then companies cut back on quality.


WD recommend to use the short cable in order to mantain the power and the correct transfer rate. However you can purchase any generic longer cable. Unfortunately they cannot guaranteed it will work properly.