Need a bit of help

How can i get the Cover Trickle to work using the Black Mamba Theme?

Do i have to have all my movies in a seperate folder for each movie or can i have all in just one folder?

Do i create a movie sheet for each movie or just one sheet for all the movies?

Thanks and sorry for being dumb. I have read all that i can take and can’t figure it out.

You can’t ?

A theme has to have those screens/art set up for it to work ?

Trickle themes never really took off due to the restrictions with the firmware on the Hub.

So basically you can’t add things to a theme as its designed for moviesheets to be in certain places when views are selected.

And how would you get all the movies on one sheet ? You need to have a play with different themes and moviesheets. Best to use Black Mamba linksheets theme as if you like the Mamba look, it is the best you can get tbh.

Ok i see, If you don’t mind me asking what theme do you use if you use any at all?

And if one has a ton of movies on the Hub itself is it best to organize your movies by Genres so you don’t have to search through all your movie for just one movie? Or is there a search option did really notice and just got mine so still playing around with it.

ExtremeMix Coverflow 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Coverflow 2.5 Tinwarble

ExtremeMix Sheet 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Sheet 2.5 OsdModHub

ExtremeMix STD 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix STD 2.5 OsdModHub

ExtremeMix Trickle 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Trickle 2.5 OsdModHub

ExtremeMix Trickle 2.5 Tinwarble

ExtremeMix Wall 2.5 Anodized

ExtremeMix Wall 2.5 OsdModHub

I just found these Themes that look very awesome but couldn’t get movie sheets to display maybe because i am use to Black Mamba not using xml. Is this why?

The themes use their own moviesheets, so you need to redo all your films with a moviesheet from that theme.

These themes you have listed may not work on newer firmwares.

Its not a case of installing a new theme and your existing moviesheets will work, as I said the theme is designed to show a moviesheet a certain way and in certain areas.

I use Joeys linksheet theme, but dont use the film info, I like the speed of just the thumbnails.

I recently moved to Genres just to speed things up a bit, it does help as the Hub does not have to process to much.

colebell wrote:



I just found these Themes that look very awesome but couldn’t get movie sheets to display maybe because i am use to Black Mamba not using xml. Is this why?

The newest Black Mamba called “Good Bye Black Mamba” works pefectly with the latest Firmware(s).  The moviesheets are link sheets so need to be in the root of the theme folder. If you have not upgraded you Black Mamba to the newest version, you can download the file and read how to make this work  in the thread below

Theme: GoodBye Black Mamba (LinkSheet) Updated Dec 14th

There are two PDF’s in the download. One is the user guide, and one is how to use Link Sheets. The info should get you up and running if you choose to use the theme. If you already have this version of BM installed, just read the PDF on Link Sheets and you should be able to get your theme humming along. It works great and looks really good with the link sheets setup for movies, TV shows and folders.

I love the BM theme and have been using it since release, but there are a lot of great themes you can try out and find for yourself which you prefer. Like was already stated in this thread, each theme will require that you make the sheets that are specific to that theme. It does make it hard to go back and forth between link sheet and movie sheet themes.

Sorting by genre is a good idea and most people do, but you can setup your directory structure any way you like. I prefer using genre folders as regarless of what theme you use, it just seems easier to find the movies you are looking for. 

Good luck on whatever theme you choose. Assuming that you want movie sheets or link sheets (IMHO much better), you will then need to spend some time to get all your movies setup. To me it’s worth the time put in to get the link sheets up and running because the look amazing, but you need to figure that out on your own. 

Good luck


Yeah i got the theme to work with the linksheets i was just wondering how the trickle effect took place and what theme used it but that question was answered.

Tried the Coco Linksheet Theme and like it alot also. The folder sheets it comes with is awesome. I am just going to have to sort out all my movies by Genres now as its a hassle to look for just one movie.