Need 5 partitions for 5pcs-Is it possible? [ULTRA 2T]

I have a Win7 / Win8/ and XP Home and Pro PCs.  I’d like to save images of each System Drive.

Do I need the Upgraded version?

Do I have a key?(since I’m using the WD version) to get the discount? It said required.

If I create a new Disk Drive will I erase all the ‘provided’ software from my ULTRA 2T at the same time.

I actually saved an image once and I’m getting a WARNING I’ll lose the image (which I can re-burn) but I’m wondering about the software?

All help appreciated


With Acronis you shouldn’t need separate partitions. Just create a folder for each PC. I’ve got at least 4 PCs backuped with Acronis that way.


Joe: I managed to crete and navigate to a folder and was ready to make a backup copy.  Holy Smoke -what happened to just creating a system image?   I used to save one on 9 DVDs.   This is obviously better but the options seem endless.

I’m thinking of using the overwrite FULL option.  I’m hoping my laptop will recognize the backup once saved.  Do I also need to save some settings for it to be recognized? Should I go with sector by sector to be safe?

I presume I’ll need a rescue/boot CD for each of my operating system, which I’m assuming I can create in Acronis, but I think I’d rather use the PCs to create them.

I don’t want to bog you down with endless questions.  If there’s a ‘beginner’s’ link I’ll be happy to switch over.  I think you know basically what my goal is.

I appreciate your getting back.  Once I’m on board with one PC I guess the rest will be easier.  I also intend to read the manual over and over to get the terminology straight.

I don’t know much about the sector by sector part. I just do the full image, but I am using Acronis TI 2010. One boot disk should work for all. Acronis should create the boot disk. If you are using the paid version you can download the ISO using your Acronis account. They also have an excellent forum. Do a little searching there and you shiuld find the answers you need. There was a person there Grover and there was a link to some helpful stuff he had posted. I also make my images from the rescue disk. That way nothing updates or causes problems running in background. Basically the rescue disk is Linux on the disk and it loads like a temp file and runs there without the Windows actually running.


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Hey Joe:

   I think you have me off and running. I’m going to do the research and try a basic FULL backup.  I’m going to pursue more on the Acronis site you mentioned. I’ll get back with what I find. I’m not familiar with Linux unfortunately but I don’t see that as a handi-cap altogether. I can always try to restore with a system image and if it’s recognized I’d presume I’m good to go.

Tnx, Dave