Navigating on your site has been for years and still is a real labyrinth, a mess, **bleep**

A real waste of time! It’s flou, lack of precision, links are ridiculously a real mess, unclear, not enough information, I gave up years ago and will quit coming here again this time!

I bought 2 HDD (hard disk drive) My Passport, when I finally got to the proper site to register them there was no question about when I purchased them and got a warranty note shorter in time for both drives at different dates!?!?

Posted a question yesterday but can’t find it today neither an answer… and  now your “spell check” doesn’t know what HDD means? 

I’ll stop here my time is too precious to waste it on your stupid site!

Hi melomane, sorry to hear you experienced some difficulties, can you share more specifically what was your problem? Since this forum is mostly for user to user interaction, I recommend you to contact support directly for assistance, they should be able to help you with any registration problems. 

WD Support