Native NFS Support?

I’ve been using the MyCloud series with NFS enabled thru SSH and it’s been a pain. Does ANY of the WD NAS products offer NFS support natively? Meaning, if I have problems with it, the support team will help me. I understand you can enable NFS on most NAS devices, but it’s a pain and they offer no support.


If you haven’t seen these prior threads you may want to take a look at them since they involve using/enabling NFS support.

There are more threads on NFS that can be found using the forum search option (magnifying glass icon upper right). Here are a few:

Hi, I posted another thread related to NFS (v4 specifically) and the My Cloud. In my examination of the system to sort out my options I found that:

  • My device has NFS enabled by default.
  • The NFS server is configured with a single folder enabled.
  • That share is /nfs, which maps all the shares mounted inside it.
  • That share is configured to map all users to “nobody” (uid 65534) and all files to group “share” (gid 1000).
  • If you use the normal UNIX file mask 755, you will not be able to write to the files you saved via NFS because the ownership changes.
  • You could modify the /etc/exports to allow user ids to map across appropriately but that is at your own risk.
  • the IDMAPD tool is not running. This is the tool that does name<->UID translation for NFSv4. So, NFSv4 doesn’t work properly. This means you need to make sure the UID and GID on your MyCloud match the UID and GID on all your other UNIX systems.

There are enough concerns in the above, that I fully support WD’s decision to not include NFS support in the web UI for the MyCloud at this time. You need to have a good understanding of NFS and the filesystem permission on UNIX to be able to use it safely.

All the above was based on looking at WD MyCloud (3TB) with firmware v04.04.03.

In fact the firmaware v2 allows to enable / disable NFS using the UI although it is not documented anywhere. I found it out recenty, by chance.

Log into the dashboard, and go to ‘Shares’ section, and under ‘Set up shares’ you’ll see the list of your configured shares (at least the Public one).
Click on any of them and you’ll see the ‘Share Access’ area. There you can enable FTP and NFS access to that specific share. You can even configure the mountpoint address and the range of allowed IP’s. This overwrites the fstab file and (I checked) is persistent after reboot.

You have to enable the option share by share, it’s a fast process unless you’ve created many shares.

Its partially documented (in a way) in the v2.x User Manual in one of the graphic images under Chapter 7 Managing Shares.