Native Mac application for WDMBL similar to Dropbox folder!


I Was wondering if there could be a similar application for MAC that works like the dropbox folder app so we can access folders and files easily?



I can think of two options:
OwnCloud and BitTorrent Sync

Thanks! Looks like some interesting options!

But don’t you think that WD should think about doing a native one?

Also I was thinking of something, maybe use a software like Hazel (for MAC) and make it watch a folder on dropbox to move files to the folder once uploaded! I mean for Photos. 

Thanks again!

The most native solution for MAC OSX, would be rsync.

Second option would be sync folder apps, plenty free and plenty $.

Just google for terms such as “mac rsync automator”. 

To do it over the internet, doing it over SSH would be an option.

Here are some examples: