NAS with capacity more then 2.19TB. Need advice


Need your advice. I want to buy WD Live 3TB NAS.

Will I have any issues with connectivity, capacity and space availability if I will connect it to win XP 32 or to DLNA TV or to some other network client?

I’m confused by messages related to compatibility issues due to drive size > 2.19TB

I saw message that you should not connect drives with 3TB to WD TV Live (USB? What about NAS?)

I saw messages that WIN XP 32 will not be able to address whole space of 3TB drive and it may cause data corruption/ no access to data (SATA and USB? What about NAS?)

Please, help me to understand limitation due to 3TB NAS usage, if any.


There are NO, repeat, NO limitation of size when connecting via NETWORK.

Windows XP with all service packs installed can read WD 3TB Advance Sector Format USB drives just fine.

You only have to worry about the alignment of the drive if it is repartitioned, and even then, WD offers a tool to correct the alignment for windows XP users: