NAS WD MyCloud with Twonky Server and LG 47LX6800 DLNA Compliant

Hello all,
        I’m having problems on my LG47LX6800. The BIOS is the latest, the TV is connected via WIFI (LG DONGLE AN-WF100); it is not a smart TV but it is DLNA compliant and it works perfectly with USB connected device.

The connection is to a router ASUS RT-N53 with latest BIOS. The connection works (tried on Netcast and the bandwidth is ok; not sure on the transfer late but looks like 6-7 MByte/sec, even 3D movie works properly). The router is connected wired to the NAS Western Digital MyCloud 4 TB with the twonky server 7.2.6-2G.

1-2 times a week the DB goes corrupted and the TV cannot browse correctly the NAS. The NAS seems OK (it works on mobile device, on my laptop, on tablet).

The DB is composed by 15.000 picture, 4.000 audio, 2.000 video and it was working perfectly until it was on a HDD directly connected to the TV via USB.

Even if I rebuild the DB, the LG seems not to recognize it and shows only random part of the folder. Curiously, it sometimes show correctly the folder if I move to “photo” or “music” (on the main screen it ask for video or music or photo and usually, after the corruption, not all the views goes wrong).

On twonky the definition is for a LG DLNA PLAYER with browsing by folder.

Last, You can find attached part of the LOG of the twonky server.

Any idea?
Thanks all!
19:32:54:157  [Error] - LOG_SYSTEM: upnp_multiuser_load : load user-db from twonky.users: failed
19:32:54:158  [Error] - LOG_SYSTEM: Error: 2 No such file or directory

19:34:56:325  [Error] - LOG_CLIENT_DB: upnp_client_device_db_sync : Device database auto-update failed: error downloading   to /CacheVolume/twonkymedia/ddb_updates/update.db.tmp
19:34:56:326  [Error] - LOG_CLIENT_DB:

20:51:24:555  [Error] - LOG_EVENTING: handleConnections : upnp_cp_unsubscribe CP received error in unsubscribe response 404 from
20:51:24:555  [Error] - LOG_EVENTING: Error: 115 Operation now in progress

20:51:26:024  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : *** Starting TwonkyServer (Product Name:Twonky, Version:7.2.6-2G, Build-date:Feb 14 2014) ***
20:51:26:024  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : using logfile /CacheVolume/twonkymedia/twonkymedia-log.txt
20:51:26:024  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : Executable file: /usr/local/twonkymedia-7/twonkyserver
20:51:26:024  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : Command Line Parameters: 9
20:51:26:024  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : cmdline 1:-D
20:51:26:025  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : cmdline 2:-ip
20:51:26:025  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : cmdline 3:
20:51:26:025  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : cmdline 4:-httpport
20:51:26:025  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : cmdline 5:9000
20:51:26:025  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : cmdline 6:-appdata
20:51:26:025  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : cmdline 7:/CacheVolume/twonkymedia
20:51:26:025  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : cmdline 8:-logfile
20:51:26:025  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: server_main_impl : cmdline 9:/CacheVolume/twonkymedia/twonkymedia-log.txt
20:51:26:032  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: upnp_ini_file_read_properties_impl : reading ini settings from /CacheVolume/twonkymedia/twonkyserver.ini
20:51:26:058  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: upnp_ini_file_read_properties_impl : friendlyname = WDPIPPOPLUTO
20:51:26:058  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: upnp_ini_file_read_properties_impl : ip =
20:51:26:058  [Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: upnp_ini_file_read_properties_impl : nicrestart = 1
20:51:26:758  [Error] - LOG_SYSTEM: upnp_multiuser_load : load user-db from twonky.users: failed
20:51:26:758  [Error] - LOG_SYSTEM: Error: 2 No such file or directory


test twonky settings:

sharing -> Type content? music for music, picture for picture and video for video

if you have any more folder than music, picture, video - where some m,p,v, in then select folder for

settings -> advanced -> ignore directories