NAS Wd my cloud keeps downloading folder and pictures to my phone Everytime I browse them

I have a Nas wd my cloud single bay 2nd generation. It is connected to my Linksys ac1900 router. Everything works perfect. The only problem is when I access remotely from my Galaxy s8 to see my pictures stored on Wd my cloud, all I see are automatically downloaded to my phone . I don’t understand why or how to solve the problem.Thank you!!!

What app are you using on your phone to connect to the My Cloud? Check the app settings to see if it is syncing or copying to or from the My Cloud.

Yes, I’m using My cloud app on my Galaxy s8 to access remotely the NAS. Is not syncing. I have only read Access. Every time that I open a folder to see pictures stored in the NAS, the folder is downloaded to my phone. The original folder and pics are not affected.

@Contactodigital On your phone, in the My Cloud app under Settings what do you have chosen for Back up options?

You may want to check Settings in any other apps you have that deal with your photos or videos.

The NAS backs up pics and videos from my phone to
a folder I created in NAS.

Is this your main problem then? I haven’t had this problem. Do you use WD Sync? What folder or share are they put in, is it the Public>Shared Pictures etc.

The NAS itself is not backing up anything on your phone or computer. It is the software on the phone or computer that is initiating the backup or syncing of content either to or from the My Cloud.

Make sure the Camera backup option under the My Cloud app Settings > Back up options is unchecked if you do not want to backup media from your phone to the My Cloud.