NAS versus Shares? Whats the difference?

Folks that have used both SHARES and NAS, what’s the PRACTICAL difference?

I’m not talking about DLNA-based Harddisk enclosures; I’m talking Pure NAS, like the QNAP TS-429 or something like that.

Basically no difference. A NAS is just a headless (no video) computer populating shares for the network.

when people on here say shares most of the time they are windows users and are referring to adding shared folders on a pc. To the Live they look the same with a minor difference. The Live runs a linux OS and most NAS also run linux OS., that makes them a bit easier to get working together than shares on a windows pc sometimes. 

NAS also have the advantage that they typically only use about 20 watts of power so you can leave them on, otherwise you have to leave that 300Watt+ pc on to get the files