NAS to work across all your devices? Help required!

I recently purchased a WD My Cloud Home 6tb and thought that there was finally something on the market that will bring all my data together and finally there will be synergy between IOS, MacOs, Android, Windows and my PS4 Console. Its been under a week and this is what I’ve discovered.

I wanted to sort through over 10,000 images from different clouds and drives. It pulls wrong Metadata with images from the cloud and then decides to pull images from programs into the mix without the ability to hide or not include them.

Best solution: Download WD’s third party recommendation.

Lets connect it directly to my MacBook or Windows to speed up the process? Doesnt work. That’s odd? I thought this was suppose to be a storage device for my computers?
Okay lets invite members of the household? Can i check on the status of their invitation? No. How about pre plan the amount of storage i want to allocate and the type of access? No.

I needed to have a better file management system across all my devices. I can’t use the the programs designed for this as you have to use WD services and its not a true NAS.
Their program EDGERover is all glam with no substance, the cloud interface is a joke. You only at the folder level when you input a USB! You cant even select a file! A FILE!
At least chose a software on the market that has substance.

Well atleast i can stream media through the devices i have already, like my Android Smart TV? At least on my PS4? I have to use Plex? Plex? With all its restrictions and flaws? and not to mention another subscription that this device was meant to prevent.

I cant even get admin access, or, track the speeds of which files downloads. I can tell you 4 Gbs were still uploading overnight. I have CD’s burn data quicker than this.

I haven’t even checked to see what security flaws it has, but hell, if they can get it to work maybe they should be offered a job in creating the next generation.

I have paid for this system, so let me use it. Very disappointed, at its fundamental core WD have mislead. Has anyone contacted their version of consumers compliance organizations or consumer watchdogs?

Apologies for the rant! If anyone can help me with at least one of these problems, please help.