NAS to USB Synchronize (and Restoring)

So I’m currently doing a regular NAS to USB backup (synchronize) and it works great. First backup took a while, subsequent ones are fast. No problem there.

What I’m wondering is, if I try to do a restore in the future what will happen in the scenario that I’ve accidentally deleted content on the NAS and I try to use the Restore Backup function to restore that data.

My assumption is that it will try to synchronize from USB to NAS when I do “Restore Backup” and it will copy/restore and files from the USB drive not found on the NAS (due to deletion) and leave unchanged files alone (so should be fairly fast).

Is that a correct assumption?


During NAS to USB backup of My Cloud, data files are copied in its original file format. You will get Sync option to sync My Cloud data on USB device during USB to NAS backup process. However, you need to manually copy required files on My Cloud from My Cloud device. You can refer below link for more details about this: