NAS-TO-NAS Backup (QNAP to WD EX4)

Hi all I’ve got a QNAP TS-421 with 4 x 4TB in RAID 1+0 (a.k.a. RAID 10) populated with my media collection in one folder. I have just acquired a Western Digital My Cloud EX4 NAS with 4 x 4TB in RAID 5. They are both connected via Gigabit Ethernet on the same network. I want to backup one directory from my QNAP TS-421 to a similarly named directory on the EX4. I need to keep the EX4 updated with changes and additions on the TS-421. What’s the best (i.e. efficient) way to do this? Bear in mind that I’m not super-techie. Will WD Smartware do this? That is, can Smartware detect changes and additions on the QNAP and then copy the changed/added files? Should it be the QNAP controlling this process instead?


WD Smartware does not support selecting a NAS drive as a source for the backup. Lets see if other users have a recommendation to help you accomplish this.

Thank you.

I posted this question in the QNAP forum as well (although the initial response was far less polite than yours).

The person responding said, basically, “ask WD if they do RSync or FTP”, implying that those may be roads to pursue. Can anyone here assist a “sorta-newbie” in either of those topics?

Re: “sorta-newbie” – I’ve been around computers for a long while (I’m a Novell CNE from the days of yore). Other than brief stints trying out Linux (and getting in over my head), I’m a Windows guy. I’m thinking that the solution to my question is going to involve Linux/Unix stuff.