NAS storage SAMBA CIFS smb.conf file recommendations

WD community,

I am trying to resolve a Seagate BlackArmor 440 NAS access compatibility issue wherein WDTVLIVE HUB will stop playing media files other that DVD ISO and I would like to know your inputs on what type of NAS devices you have had success in having a stable SAMBA CIFS share environment with WDTVLIVE HUB.

I have seen posts wherein people have been using NAS devices with good results and I would like to know if they can share some insights as to how they were able to achieve stable working environment.

What I feel is something to do with SAMBA configuration and or access protocols, security and buffers etc; that are defined in the smb.conf file on the NAS that can be tweaked to work with WDTVLIVE HUB.

Any inputs will be appreciated, I will try to tweak my Seagate BlackArmor NAS and try to make it useable if possible…

Many Thanks in advance.


What is the capacity of the Seagate? I’m pretty sure the highest capacity for Segate is 500 GB.

The capacity on the Seagate NAS does not really matter for the problem that I am battling with, However, if you like to know about the Seagate BlackArmor NAS please see the Seagate Websitefor details

The one I have is NAS 440 (4TB)

Hope this helps!

It never was to do with SAMBA configuation issue, But it was to do with  Link Layer Discovery Protocol 

WD TV LIVE HUB somehow gets upset if any device is broadcasting itself with this protocol and will cause playback errors with Media files are accessed from the NAS device.

See the post here

Hope this will help others trying to have compatibility with Seagate BlackArmor 440 NAS