NAS Solutions?

I am looking for a NAS drive that allows me to set security levels by folder, and also allows me to do all the normal administrative functions (like create/delete/rename folders & files). I do NOT need (nor want) “cloud” access. I do want a storage/backup drive on my home network that is connected to a WIRED network (for speed, my WiFi is not the best). It is my understanding that the WD MyCloud device does not meet all these criteria, is that true? Does WD offer another solution?

I have EX4 with four 4TB disks in RAID5 and does what you need.


Thanx for the info, Ioannis. I did a search, and the smallest EX4 I could find was 8TB and it costs well over $500. I was hoping to keep it under $300.00. I really only need 4TB (I don’t have many movies). I am assuming your EX4 works without loading the network, and is wired - correct?
Thanx again,

I remember buying the EX4 without HDs and then I chose what to add. I am sure it sells without any disks. You add as many as you like.

Yes, I use it with cable. I prefer cables over wireless for many reasons. Speed and safety most important.

For what you look for I think most of the WD series wil do the job nicely. It seems that the software is common for all these external storage devices.

If you care for data safety, then a RAID capable storage is a must. It means that at least two disk will be needed.