NAS playback freezing, resuming, then freezing again

My WDTV experience has been very positive for the most part, but an issue has suddenly appeared out of the blue and I have no idea what is causing it.

During playback, the picture freezes, the spinning wheel appears, then after a few seconds playback resumes only to have this happen over and over again, rendering the file unwatchable. Sometimes it speeds up to catch up, but then freezes again after a few moments. It mostly seems to be with .mkv source files.

Network checks out ok, share access is ok, so I have no idea what is causing the drops. Reboots of the router, NAS, and WDTV seem to fix the problem temporarily, but it always comes back again eventually.

No issues with Netflix; that still works as intended.

Router: ASUS RT-N66U

WDTV Live (Rev 2) with latest firmware (wireless; device is approx 30-40 feet from router and getting full signal bars)

NAS: WD MyBookLive

Again, nothing has changed. This setup has worked perfectly for several months and has only started acting up last week. All other devices (wired and wireless) on the network are working great, so I assume this is some sort of glitch between the NAS and WDTV.

I think I fixed it…

One of the other issues was an inability to seek or scan to a certain time point. It would just spin and spin and spin forever.

Just checked the firmware and it was out of date (autocheck had been disabled). Once the firmware was updated, I tested a few files, did a few scans, and all seems good.

Next time I will check and confirm the firmware before shooting off my mouth :slight_smile: