Nas for my cloud?

Generally the My Cloud line (not the My Cloud Home line) are network attached storage devices. This subforum generally covers the single bay/single drive My Cloud device which may no longer be sold to consumers. The multi bay My Cloud models are available as is the My Cloud Home line is which a different device than the My Cloud line.

For remote access one is generally limited to using the WD mobile apps or web portal (and some WD software). So check out the features of the WD mobile app for your device along with read the various comments and issues with those mobile apps and you’ll be better able to decide if the My Cloud line is something that can fit your needs.

The following subforum will have additional discussion on the WD software and WD mobile apps.

Here are some links you may want to look at.

Single bay WD My Cloud.

Learning Center, more information about several WD devices.

Network Attached Storage

More Information on WD My Cloud products.

As long as you create an account for each iphone, each should have it own space on the WD cloud product. Just have to download the WD mobile app from the appstore. This should be the same case as for single drive bay to 4 drives bay.