NAS Folder structure

I have been a WD media player owner for years yesterday my original NAS a netgear stora started going on the brink. So I purchased a WD my cloud. The configuration that I have is a USB hub plugged into them with 11 Hard drives protables. The first thing I noticed was different than the stora was the hardrives was one step ahead of what the stora was hope I can clarify. With the stora I have 3 shares on it public, My computer and my library so when I plug the usb hub into it, it puts all the portable hardrives in the public share folder and basically each hard drive shows up as a folder. So when I add this to my media library It lets me select everything below the public share. So when I get on my WD I have to go to that public folder which I have a thumb made for click on it then it opens up my 11 hardrives. With the WD cloud they are at the root of the NAS so I have to add each hardrive seperatly and as soon as I click on videos on the WD they are there instead of with the stora there is one extra click (the public folder) well unknown by me till now there is a limit of 10 items or hardrives you can add doing it this way. Ultimate for me would be to get it the way I had it before cause it was very easy to add other videos drives and have them show along side my stora on the screen right after clicking the video tab and of course I have 11 hardrives and growing and only limited to 10 it seems. Any suggestion would help thanks

tm224 wrote:

 I have 11 hardrives and growing and only limited to 10 it seems. Any suggestion would help thanks

Trade your 10 HDD’s in and replace with 4TB drives … 40TB should be enough to get you by for a little while :wink:

Or … if the limit for the MyCloud is 10 attached HDD’s, the WDTV has 2 USB inputs for HDD’s which brings your total to “12”

Thanks for the reply I was hoping for a better workaround It is the WD that seems to have the 10 limit Never ran ito the problem before when it was Videos/public folder/hardrives now that it is Videos/Hardrives I couldn’t add more than 10