NAS File Utility in OS3

I really miss the built in file utility in OS3 that allowed you to copy and move files within the NAS. I have a PR4100, PR2100 and a DL2100. At times I change stuff around within shares or move to another share and using Windows Explorer is very time consuming since moving or copying folders from one Share to another it must travel through your LAN cable which is somewhat restrictive.

In the past, using the built in utility you could move folders from one Share to another with in the same NAS without clogging up the LAN.

That seems like simple utility which could have been ported over to OS5.

WD, can you please bring that functionality to OS5? It is really useful!

Suggestion: Use SSH and the WINscp program. You still open a terminal window across the LAN; but the actual traffic will all be internal to the NAS.

Excellent Idea!