NAS fast forward?

Hey, all. I’ve noticed with all the video files I’ve tried over NAS that fast forwarding doesn’t work very well, if at all. For instance I’ll fast forward maybe 10 minutes, then hit play and the video will jump back to only a minute or two from where I started fast forwarding, and occasionally jump ahead even further into the film. I’ve tried using the ‘time select’ feature as well, but it isn’t accurate either. Most of my video files are DVDs ripped into one VOB. Anyone else experiencing this, or aware of a solution?

I tried few VOB’s movies, 9 out of 10 worked, I can fastfoward without any issue, the one file that was giving me issue, was a VOB that I “borrowed” from a “friend” I look at the media info of the movie that was having this issue and I did not see anything out place.


Well, I’ve found the only thing that seems like it’s gonna work is to stop ripping my DVDs into one VOB file, and instead rip the whole disc. On the plus side, I can access the menu (and after doing this I can fast forward and chapter select). On the negative side, ripping the whole disc takes up more space. Oh well.