NAS drive visibility

I recently purchased a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 streamer on the basis that I could copy my iTunes library (containing 12,500 tracks) onto a NAS drive and would then be able to play my iTunes library via the NAS drive through the streamer. On this basis I purchased a WD My Cloud Home device connected it to my home router and downloaded Plex.
All to no avail as my CXN V2 refuses to recognise the WD device. Anyone got any suggestions that would be easily carried out by a relatively IT unsophisticated 68 year old?

@Greybeard1 Did you copy the entire iTunes library database file or a folder with 12,500 music files?
In what location did you place the files? The Private User Space or the /Public Samba Share.

  • It’s possible the CXNv2 doesn’t support Samba which means it will never detect content in the Public Share.
  • The My Cloud Home does not include a default DLNA Media Server so you would need to download, install Plex App, enable Plex DNLA media server and put the 12.5 k music files inside of the Plex Music folder and maybe the CNX V2 will see it.
  • How to Enable and Configure Plex Service on My Cloud Home

User Manual

Troubleshooting Guide

Actually I’ve now sorted the issue, as with all things IT when you know the answer it’s easy. It transpires that I hadn’t enabled the Plex DNLA media server. It would be helpful to unsophisticated purchasers in future if the set up instructions were a bit more obvious!
THe CNX V2 now sees My Cloud and my music library.