NAS drive not accessible from all networks

I’m not an expert so any help will be appreciated.

I have my nas drive connected to a mesh style wifi network (lets call it network 2) that is connected to my internet router (network 1) by a cable.

When I connect my laptop to network 1 the nas drive is not accessible but I can access it if I connect to network 2.

When I connect the nas drive to the internet router (network 1) I cant see it when I’m connected to network 2 ? Basically its like they are 2 separate networks.

I’m using ex4100 as my nas drive.

Certainly SOUNDS like two seperate networks. Possibly a double NAT problem.

It sounds like router 2 is setting up a sub-network under network 1, and not simply “extending” Network 1. First clue: What kind of IP addresses are being setup by Network 2? This is a trick question: You want Network 1 router to be doing all the DHCP action.

Is router 2 setup as an “access point”?
Are you running OS/3 or OS/5 on your EX4100 (I suspect the issue is not with the NAS)

Can you access by typing the ip address of the EX4100 as opposed to the device name? (Sometimes it’s weird when different subnets are involved)

So router 1 ips start with 192.168.100.* while router 2 start with 192.168.3.*

I did try using the nas IP but it didn’t work.

I am not a “mesh” expert - - -but this does sound like a “double nat” problem.

Basically, sounds like Router 2 is setup as a dedicated router (complete with DHCP) rather than a wireless access point of Router 1. In other words: Setup problem with Router 2 that is causing it to reject network traffic from Router 1.

What type of router is this?