NAS Drive always been accessed by Live Hub, not allowing NAS drive to spin down


I have 2 questions,

I have a NAS drive that holds all of my movies and music, this is accessed by the Live Hub.

When I turn off the live hub it still accesses my NAS drive every few mins or so, this causes my NAS drive hard disk’s to be running 24/7 even when its not actually in use. Is their any way to stop the Hub from poling my NAS drive like this.

I know I can hold down the power button for 3-4 seconds and power off the Hub fully, but this then means that as soon as I power on the hub it goes through the process of scanning my media library. (4TB it takes a long time).

Is it possible to display the movies from the internal hard disk and my NSA drive at the same time without changing the selected media and having to do another rescan.


But WHAT is the Hub accessing on your NAS?    According to MY NAS logs, the Hub doesn’t touch it when it’s not being used.

2>  No.  


I have no idea, I have all servers, twonky itunes etc turned off.

Is it not checking that the media can still be accessed or the network location is still available.


That’s why you need to look in the NAS log files. If the NAS is keeping the disks spinning, it must be due to a file access, and the logs should tell you that.

According to the log files nothing is been accessed, but it must be checking somthing as when I remove the LAN cable from the Live hub 10 mins later the drive spins down as normal.

Any other ideas?

Well, the Hub is looking at the NAS devices for changes…  I know it’s not currently updating the MEDIA LIBRARY, but it is checking for the presence of a FOLDER.JPG file on occasion…   If I add a folder.jpg file to a folder, the UI on the Hub updates immediately.

So this means that all NAS drive HDDs are now going to be running 24/7 instead of waking on access like they normally would.

Would you agree that this is not a great situation?

Well, what do you expect?   If you don’t want it to do that, then shut the hub off.   It’s doing what it’s designed to do.  ;)

Well you would have thought that it would work in the same way as evey other media player / streamer does, only accessing data when I needs to. An option to manually search for new content would solve this problem.

As always thanks for yor help.

YES YES! An option to UPDATE FILES Database is a required option! PLEASE WD!

djpirra wrote:

YES YES! An option to UPDATE FILES Database is a required option! PLEASE WD!

This thread is totally different subject than your other comments…  This user wants NO automatic updates, ONLY MANUAL.