Nas- deny access from 1 laptop

I have a Western Digital NAS networked and connected to a D-Link Dir-655 router. One desktop and 2 laptops are networked to the router. I would like to have my daughters laptop denied access to the NAS but I cant seem to figure out how to do this. Is there anyone here that could help?

Thanks in advance

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u must enable NFS sistem and to enter the mount points and ip’s what u want to can access the partitions over network. The problem is i don’t know how to acces te CIFS protocol for download and public folders there come form default enabled with CIFS and without password protection. :wink: the problem i believe can be solved from ssh with some linux skills.


Thanks for a reply.

Went to advance mode/ network/ services. At the bottom I found NFS service is enabled by default with an asterisk *. I removed the asterisk which allows all network computers to log in and replaced it with my IP address. Saved the new setting and went to my daughters laptop and it still was able to access the NAS. I went back into the NAS setup and unchecked  NFS service completely and I was still able to enter the NAS folders by all my computers.

Any other ideas?