NAS Backup help required

Hi! I’ve been using my NAS MyCloud 3tb NAS drive for sometime now.

I’ve been in the habit of deleting the backup on the USB external drive & re-doing a new one but realised that the NAS can cope with this.

However, when I try to do a copy, hoping that the NAS will only over-write files that have changed or add new folders, it always adds the name of the backup in the destination folder as a new folder within the existing folders.

Can someone help me to correctly set up the backup so it only looks at the folders within the destination.

My music folders are stored in Public/shared Music & the backup destination is mycloudbackup/backup280917/Public/Shared Music

Hope someone can help, thanks

If you are not using a backup app such as SmartWare have you ever thought of drag and drop onto the folder you want it in?