NAS.ALERTS - Email, Is it possible to add Drive Serial number so I can identify it

I have 4 of the MyCloud Mirrors.
I have managed to get 1 drive setup to alert me via emails if an event happens

I received an email earlier today with all the alerts it has had in the previous time since before I set the email notification up.

Is it possible to include the Drives Serial Number to the email so I can identify which one it is

If so is it also possible to have the Serial Number displayed (or other user entered description) when you right click the WD icon on the task bar - It can be hard to figure out which one I am accessing when 3 have the same WDMyCloudMIrror description

Below is a part of the Alert-which was caused by a car crash into power pole

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloudMirror .

Event title:Power Supply Failure

Event description:Power supply failed. Check power supply.


Event code:1022

Event time:01-20-2016 08:36:00 PM

Firmware version: 2.10.310

Event title:System Shutting Down

Event description:The system is shutting down.


Event code:2020

Event time:01-17-2016 11:32:05 AM

Firmware version: 2.10.310

Event title:Network Link Down

Event description:The network link is down or has become intermittent. Check your network connection.


Event code:1002

Event time:01-17-2016 11:27:47 AM

Firmware version: 2.10.310

Happy I was able to setup the drive to get emails, it wasn’t configured before.

E-mail notifications have a set criteria. However, I am not sure if said criteria can be expanded to add or include additional or specific information. You could propose it as an Idea or feature request for voting. I’m positive WD will look into it if it gets enough traction (If implementation is possible).

It has been a long while since I tried to properly backup my computer
Smartware just couldn’t handle the initial amount of info it had to catchup on.
Gave up using this after a year of on and off waiting, it never did…

Tried Norton 360 - always seemed to fail after I went home

I finally brought Acronis Backup for windows 11.5 - took me a fair while to sort out how to use it and setup email notifications as well as initial restore disk - its so easy, if things really turn to custard.

It was setting up the Acronis software that I foun that I could make email notifications and wondered about the MyCloud - finally found it, set it up and was amazed it worked and a outside event happened to check it out.

I didn’t know which device I was using hence the thread.

I will say the Acronis software really makes excellent use of the MyCloud Mirror and it has put my mind at rest
as I was beginning to despair about the drive purchase.

I don’t know how to put it into the ideas part - may have a look tomorrow (Saturday to see how)