NAS acess on Samsung Smart TV

I would be greatful for some help. I have got WD mirror and samsung smart tv 6 series. I was able to acess all the media files on the WD mirror by creating a  media server until a month ago on my smasung smart tv.

For some reason of late I am getting an error message after a file is played for about 3 minutes saying please check network connection.

Here is my network configurations:

WD mirror is connected to my WIFI router(which is a gigabit router and my internet speeds are 100mbps down and 40mbps up)

Smasung smart TV is connected wirelessly to the smae network.

Things I have tired so far without any luck:

  1. Prevented the disc from going to sleep

  2. assingned static IP adress.

  3. Tried few different files no luck

Interestingly if I create a server using my mac and azures vuze by dragging the files into the media streaming devices on vuze no problems. I really want to avoid this as it a drain to mac battery life and also if i drag the files onto my Mac it is using the space on my hard drive.

any ideas please on solving this problem.

Many thanks

Mahidhar wrote:


any ideas please on solving this problem.

Many thanks

Log into the Twonky UI and go to Settings, Advanced, and UNCHECK Restart on NIC changes.

See if that helps.

I was under the impression twonky server is not available on WD mycloud mirror. If am wrong please correct me and let me know how to acess it.

If you have DLNA enabled on the MCM, the Twonky page is available on port 9000. 

Just point your web browser of choice at the IP address (or name) of the MCM on that port (e.g. if the IP address is, or //wdmycloudmirror:9000 if your box is named “wdmycloudmirror”). The page is only avaliable if the DLNA server feature is enabled on the MCM.

Tried it no luck any other suggestions please

To be clear, do you mean you couldn’t get to the Twonky dashboard page, or you got to the Twonky page and made the suggested change and it didn’t help?

Is DLNA the only route that your TV can accept for accessing the media, or is it able to access the files directly on the MCM via SMB or NFS? If so maybe set up a public share containing a test file and see if you can navigate to that via the TV? For NFS you need to enable that specifically for the share in question - when you do the MCM will give you the URL for accessing the share over the network.

Sorry I tried the Twonly server and no luck

Unfortunately DLNA is only eay my TV can acess the files any other thoughts please

I am seeing the same issue between my WDEX4 and Samsumg DVD player BD-F59

Interesting it seems like my Samsung TV 6350 works fine

I also have a MyBookLive that works fione for all devices.

So the TWONKY in the WDEX4 which is version and the Samsung DVD are not playing nice together.
( I will try the nic restart option, recommended above)

Set Samsung DVD player to manual IP and turned off NIC Change for Twonky…still getting “Please Check Network Connection”, and then it stops playing.

I had the same problem, I tried all the same things until i changed my wireless router dont know if that helps your problem

Check your DLNA database is working in the WD dashboard.

Try “Rescan” and “Rebuild”

Mine isn’t working either, but it should look something like this:

Version 7.2.9_7.5.0-43

Media Music Tracks: 7895    Pictures: 5647    Videos: 56

Last Update Wednesday, February 25, 2015 3:35:00 PM

At the moment my database isnt working and i’ve raised is with WD support.