NAS 2TB Questions abut, Power, Itunes & Back Up

Hi Everyone

Can anyone please help me on some questions I have regarding the NAS White Light 2TB Drive I recently bought and would like to apologise in advance if I have not posted these questions in the right area of the forum!

1 - Can you please give me the instructions on how to copy my present Itunes Library to (i.e which folder) the public folder or the one I have created called “Steve”. The reason I ask is because it will only be me using Itunes, and I will access it either through my laptop or Imac.

2 - I have seen the instructions for transferring Itunes on the Apple Website, but it is unclear because all I want to know is, can I just copy the library and it’s contents into the NAS folder, then configure Itunes to go to that NAS folder for the library?

3 - I will be using my WD 2TB USB/Firewire drive connected to the Imac, to back the White Light, can this be configured in WD Anywhere, and if so how, because it is asking me to back up to “network folder” on the USB drive which I haven’t got.

4 - Finally do I have to leave the White Light on all the time, or do you advise against switching of from the power button

when not in use. In other words what is best?

Many Thanks and I appreciate any help in advance of your answer!