Naming ripped TV shows

When i rip my TV episodes i name them in the order that they are on the DVD otherwise i wouldn’t know what files were from which episode. In the past i have named them for example Cheers.S01E01.mkv and used the XML fether to create my .xml files and episode art. I have decided i would prefer to have them named with the epiode name at the end to elinate any confusion to what each file actually was due to the difference between aired episode order and the DVD order.

Since Cheers Season 1 DVD order is different than the aired order ( episodes 2 thru 5 ) it is causing me problems. I have two programs i have found to automatically rename my ripped episodes ("  therenamer "and " my tv series " ) both of which rename the files based on the aired order and have no option to rename based on the DVD order.

I can uncheck " Use DVD order" in the XML fetcher " and the xml files will be in the aired order but i have no way to rip the episodes in the aired order so that doesn’t help.

any ideas…

Update : We’ll here’s what i’ve come up with , took 5 mintues to make a video and hope this helps anyone having the same concerns as i have. I’ve had too many files that didn’t match the plot in the .XML file so this will ensure this doesn’t happen again. You’ll have to excuse me as i have never made a video and was a bit nervous, why i don’t know.

I played the begining  ( 4 seconds ) of all 6 Episodes on disc 1 and added the first two words of each episode to the end of each filename and it only took an average of 22 seconds to verify/rename each file with the episodes on the disc that is already in the pc as it was just ripped,. That’s only an extra 2-3 minutes per disc so only 8-12 minutes per season , not much time to ensure the files accuracy.

When you load all 22 episodes of season 1 only 4 didn’t match that was easily fixed as seen in the video. I didn’t show the other 16 episodes as they matched so it would have been a mute point. This is so easy to guarantee perfection

Thanks for sharing.