Naming of MyPassport Device

I have long used Passport Drives and usually have given them names meaningful to myself. I currently have a drive that Windows explorer and Disk Manager recognize as Comedy (I:) When connected to my 2020 Samsung TV it will only identify drive as MyPassport. Anyone know if this can be changed.

Hi @Hinckley8972,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

The Samsung TV is reading the Drive Identity and not the Drive Label

My Panasonic TV does the same thing.

The only workaround solution would be to create a main folder on the root of the drive named COMEDY and then dump all your comedy videos into it.

Sure, it will take you to press “OK” on the TV Remote to enter the contents of the drive to see that folder … but that’s the only way i can think of.

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