N900 Won't connect to Internet

I just picked up an N900. It will not connect to the Internet, either using the startup disk which came with it, or manually.

I’ve set it to both DHCP and PPPoE. Neither work. If it helps, I’m a Comcast user.

In another thread someone had trouble because the Cable Modem wasn’t DOCSIS 3.0. I’ve got a Cisco DPC3008. It is DOCSIS 3.0, and is backwards compatible with both DOCSIS 1 and 2.

The light on the back of the N900 where the patch cord from the Cable Modem  enters flashes - which suggests to me that it is getting a signal from the Cable Modem. However, no Intenet light on the front of the N900.

My Netgear WNDR3700 connects instantly when I reconnect to it.

I’d really like to get the Router up and running as it is going to colege with my Daughter shortly. Help! :mansad:

PS I’ve got the latest frimware loaded. That was the first thing I tried.

Hello, review the steps to setup Internet access on page 23 of the manual. If the problem continues, share if you are getting any error message when trying to connect.


Have done all that repeatedly. But just to satisfy this thread, I did it again. I’ve also done the turn off the modem, the routher, the PC, etc. turn them back on starting with the Modem, the Router, and then the PC - same result. Nothing.

After just spinning away for more than a minute, it comes abck with the error message which says:

Internet not connected. Click next to verify that your Routher is wired correctly. You will then be guided to fix your intenet connection.

Then you get to click Next. which once again has you check the connections.
You then get to power off the modem. Then power it back on.(At this point everything but the Internet light on the Router have come back on).
You get to click Next again. It attempts to find the internet - which fails, again.
Then it wants to verify the ISP. As my old routher connects as soon as I attach the cables, I’m pretty sure the ISP works. Also, as I described above, the light on the back of the N900 from the Modem blinks on and off - so I even more confident that it is not the Intenet connection.

Any other suggestions?

Hi again, try setting a static IP for the N900 in the same range as your router. To do this, go to the My Net dashboard and on the “Internet Connection Type” select “Static”. See page 32 of the manual for more information. 


Uhhh, what?

  1. My ISP, Comcast, doesn’t assign a Static IP. What happened when I attempted what you siggested is in #2.

  2. to fill in all of the other information I first got a conflict when I used the address - which is in the range. The router itself is - which is what ipconfig returns as the default gateway

  3. Default gateway? My Modem, which is what the router is connected to, doesn’t have an IP address. Comcast maps to the MAC address.

4 I got the DNS addresses by doing ipconfig with the working router

So, all in all, unless you can better explain what you mean by set a Static IP,  and ‘…in the same range…’ its a no go.

BTW, the N750 I’m using works just fine without any Static IP, etc.

Any other ideas?

If not done try reflashing the firmware.