N900 wireless connection and other issues

I’ve had 2 different wireless routers working in my home network no problem. I’ve just received the N900 to upgrade and now having major problems connecting wireless devices and a few other issues.

Dell e6510 with an Intel Centrino will not connect to either 2.4 or 5ghz… setup pretty standard, tried setting the channel to a static since I read auto can cause problems.  Didn’t work on static or auto. 

iPad also will not connect on either band.  Note that I do have other wireless devices working ok.

Any ideas?? I’m at a loss - know my way around setting up routers pretty well but I don’t even know what to try.

My either issue is that I have a Seagate drive connected to USB.  I went through setup, but now what?  I can’t seem to browse to it anywhere?  Dont’ see it under Network.  How am I supposed to get to it?

I think I solved this… embarrassed to say :)… I mis interpretted the on off buttons and I had DHCP to off.  All my static IP devices were connected, but my dynamics were not.

All sorted for now.