N900 wifi Internet stops working

My N900’s wifi stops connecting to the Internet. On my iPad it connects to the router fine but after a few minutes-hours it stops routing the Internet. I have to turn the n900 off and on and then it works again. The iPad connects fine to the router iti just cant access the Internet. Other computers hard wired to the n900 do continue to work. It seems that the router stops sending/receiving on the Internet side, this only happens on wifi.

Can you please confirm the current firmware on the router?

im currently using ver 1.05.12.  I did try the most current one and the wifi problem seemed to go away but the new one somehow limits my torrents.  They run very very slow even though the computer running it is assigned to the DMZ.

Ok, I Upgraded to the latest firmware. It still has the no Internet problem. :frowning:

In the first couple of days after installing, my N900 Central kept on dropping interent on both wired and wireless. After reconnecting by using “Network and Sharing Center” in control panel instead of resetting or power on/off and undateding SmartWare, so far for a week, no internet drop on both. I don’t know which one worked or if it decided to behave correct by itself. :dizzy_face: Try both. I am on the Version1.07.16