N900 Wifi Dies

I’ve read a few posts about this but never saw a solution.

Since day 1 my wifi basically goes to sleep. Ethernet works fine. I am still connected to the network and can disconnect and reconnect but no surfing. I can ping the default gateway but am unable to connect to the router via web browser.

Ii gave to say I am highly disappointed with this product. I was very happy to see such great specs at a good price and just knew I’d be using the fool out of it with clients. Well, that’s not happening. I am about to toss it in the recycle bin & call it a day.

Hi Redrayder, sorry to hear you have been having problems, have you tried to contact support on this? If you can also share more about your network topology. 


Same issue … at first a re-boot would temporarily restore internet connectivity (again, wifi only - ethernet works fine) but now the wifi is totally dead.

No resolution?